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Sometimes You Gotta Take the Risk

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Years ago one of my dearest and oldest friends had a daughter that wanted to paint her bedroom. My friend was so afraid that she might paint the walls and not like it that she couldn’t do it. I remember saying “it‘s just paint, if you don’t like it you just paint over it”.

Well today I found myself on the other side of that conversation, with myself. I‘ve wanted penny tiles somewhere in our house for a while and I finally got them in the 1/2 bath remodel. I found a cool picture on Pinterest of Penny tiles with blue grout. With no reservations I ordered the grout but then quickly procrastinated putting it in because of the couple people that said, “blue grout? Really?”. I doubted my choice because of the neigh-sayers.

After I could procrastinate no longer I finally put the grout in and I am thrilled with the way it turned out. So here’s the lesson. If it makes you happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone else.... go for it. Don‘t doubt yourself just because of negative people. Stand firm in your choices and be happy with what makes you happy!

p.s. Even grout can be changed if you decide you don’t like it.... it just may take a little more work than re-painting.

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