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Getting Back To It...

Time to get back to promoting the farm! Sorry I have been missing in action for a couple of months. We have continued to have farm days and local tours but the website had to take a back burner. I had no idea that a grant application could consume you so completely. At the heart of everything I am a cheap-skate. Okay, yes I would spend $1800 on a goat, $1000 on a pig, or $400 on a rabbit but spending money on something other than an animal is a different story. I just couldn't justify paying someone to complete a grant application for me. That said I had no idea what I was getting in to. The hours and days reading, writing, rewriting. The amazing friends that I was able to have proof and re-proof for me. Then more edits yet again. Finally the day came I was ready to hit that submit button and then self-doubt set in. Enough self doubt that I actually broke down and paid someone to proof the application. She literally had it for two days and returned it with not one edit. Not one! This was actually a person who gets paid to write professional grant applications y'all. Lesson learned Lord. Do not listen to those little self doubt voices in my head. Check! I spent a day upset that I wasted $$ and then I realized that maybe, just maybe I just paid for some positive affirmation. So I decided to take that as a life lesson, pat myself (& my amazing proof reading friends) on the back and hit that submit button. Here is to positive vibes and lots of prayers for many more happy farming days with all the kiddos!

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